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Sandra's Pub Guide

Pubs User Guide

1 The Tiger Tavern
This pub is avoided by everyone, the workers because it is right next to The Tower and city dwellers assume it is always packed with tourists. This is not the case, the tourists avoid it because it is a bit of a dive although a few hardy ones make it down the steps. It is dingy, overpriced and understaffed however due to the lack of clientele one can be served quickly and it is one of the few pubs in the City that remains empty at lunchtime, including Friday.
2 The Weatherspoon
Situated on the main road between Tower Hill Tube and the Tower. This is an acceptable pub. Although it gets very busy the bar staff are on the ball and there is never too long a wait for service. This pub is popular because of the food although as a dedicated boozer I've never tasted the food (Hey go get a food guide this is a guide to drinking).
30 All Bar One
As horrid trendy bars go this one is not too bad. It is more expensive than your average pub and the food is more adventurous (if you're into that sort of thing).


The City

Basically for your city workers. Few tourists enter the heart of the city unless they are lost. This is business land you don't go there for a good night out you just drop in after work. However the days when the pubs closed at 8:00pm are long gone. The publicans realised that just popping in for one quick drink after work could actually profitably go on all evening. The odd pub will still close early but they are in the minority. Don't even think about bringing children here you won't be able to take them in.

3 Clutterbucks or The White Horse
Whitechaple Road pub with a tendency to change its name. Again mixed clientele - some suits (although we are talking the serious drinkers not the yuppies) also some students as this is situated near the Guildhall University. Occasionally the odd tourist who is touring the Jack the Ripper trail. Amazingly all the pubs in this area lay some claim to Jack. Food used to be very good but has dropped off recently maybe they can pick it up.
 4 The City Darts
A good old-fashioned pub containing a couple of pool tables and a dart board. Shunned by the suits as too downmarket the locals use this pub and hence has a very mixed clientele. The Landlord is an absolute treat just don't ask to see all his studs!! Situated at the east end of Petticoat Lane it gets very busy Sunday Lunch time. Food is not terrific but hey you can't go wrong with a baguette!
5 The Market Trader
At the other end of Petticoat Lane. This pub gets very packed and crowded, it is small and quite dingy. Given the overcrowding this is not the place for a quiet drink but they do have the advantage of a Thai menu - the spare ribs are divine.


Jack the Ripper Land

6 The Marine Broker
Wine bar - friendly owner who has put up with our riotous behaviour as the evening wears on. Not so busy since the new pubs sprung up.
7 The Overdose
Fairly harmless wine bar with a fine range of wines and decent menu.
8 The Monk
Very popular pub it's very big with quite a good food menu. Personally I find it lacks atmosphere and its shear size makes it difficult to get served. However this is quite a nice pub in the evening when it's a lot quieter.
33 The Brown Bear
Have not been there for a while but the word "bland" springs to mind.
34 Blue Lagoon (or something like that)
This is a strange hybrid. Run by an hair dresser, it is a café in the mornings, a restaurant at lunchtime and stays open in the evenings if it is busy. Not the kind of place you can pop in for a quick drink but worth mentioning as I have had some splendid Beaujolais breakfasts there. Anyone who lets me drink from 7am is okay by me.
9 The Black Horse
Small local pub run by your typical east end girls. Unpretentious boozer does not get too overcrowded despite being small because it loses trade to its upmarket neighbour the Monk.
10 The Pickwick
Further down the road nothing that great about it but again it does Thai food which packs it out.
11 White Swan (affectionately known as the Mucky Duck)
Again harmless nothing great/nothing bad. This is favoured by beer drinkers, not because the beer is that good but it is better than most of the other places.
28 Princess of Prussia
One of my favourites in that it is downmarket and the suits wouldn't touch it with a barge-pole. Just like the good old pubs you'll find a ripped seat here and there and I don't think I've ever seen solid food in the place.
12 The Artful Dodger
Further south if you persevere you'll find this pub. Slightly tucked away it's more a local pub although a haven for workers wishing to avoid the city crush.


Leman Street

Further south from Whitechaple is Leman Street which has seen a spring up of new pubs in the last few years. Clientele are mainly city workers but as it is east of the main city centre they are not the "bowler hat brigade".

29 Hung, Drawn and Quartered
This used to be a hospital, or court or something. Nothing spectacular but nothing wrong with it, the word bland springs to mind again.
13 Hoop and Graps
Uhm its big!
14 Aldgate Wine Bar
Not bad for a wine bar. This is a small wine bar with a restaurant attached at the back it also has a little courtyard at the side to enjoy our plentiful British sun.
15 The Pump House
A popular dump.
16 The Ship
"Man stands up with a pint" pub
17 Elephant and (something)
Upstairs "man stands up with pint". Downstairs it is bigger and more relaxed - not somewhere I normally go but its okay.
18 Wine Lodge
Downstairs big and bland and refused to let us sing at 11:00am in the morning even after a Beaujolais breakfast. Upstairs is usually non-smoking but not in the evening and a great barman makes this a nice little stop on the way home.
21 Florentines
Wine bar - doesn't get too crowded probably coz the management used to be so miserable. It is improving slowly with the new management. There is a restaurant attached run by arrogant Italians where the customer is not always right, in fact, I don't think they like customers very much.
30 Fuegos
This is a Tappas Bar. At lunchtime its a good place to pick at tappas but watch the restaurant it is expensive. In the evening its disco land don't go there early or sober it is very loud. Please note this is a time warp zone you will go in at 7:00 for a quick drink and the next minute you have missed the last train home. Standard goes up and down. It was a really happening place then suddenly went down hill with more punch ups than dances. However rumour has it that with the return of the old manager it is picking up again.
22 Bill Bentleys
Up-market wine bar which has a quieter atmosphere than most. Does a great Beaujolais breakfast but you would have to be here in November.
20 Bangers Too
Davy's style wine bar. I think it sells sausages at lunchtime!
19 Balls Brothers
Another Davy's style bar. Typically over-priced cellar bar. It has a restaurant attached at the back but you can get sandwiches at the bar.
23 Walrus and Carpenter
Has two upstairs bars and a downstairs cellar bar. It is a pub in the middle of a wine-bar area so it is okay by me. Food is limited but there is an Indian restaurant next door if you are so inclined.
24 CJs
Small wine bar which does music at nights. Sometimes its an "in place" and sometimes its "out". If the mood is right you can have a good knees up. Its amazing how drink alters dimensions, when sober I can't work out how we managed to boogie in a bar the size of a postage stamp.
25 Britannia
Used to be a dive and was fairly empty. It is still a dive but has been redecorated and is more crowded. Does some wonderful home-made Schnapps but be warned avoid the Chille flavour.
26 Hogshead
One of the new horrid chain of trendy, atmosphereless joints. Some stand outside and think they look cool - they don't
27 Corney & Barrows
The verdict is out on this one. It is not my type of place, ie it is a classic modern wine bar however I have had some good evenings here
32 FOB
One of the Davy's wine bars but it is one of the better ones. It has a nice comfortable feel about it.

Let us stroll down Fenchurch Street towards London Bridge:


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